Blues , Folk and Diatonic

Blues , Folk and Diatonic

Hohner Big River

10 hole ,20 reed blues harmonica Brass Reedplates Plastic comb(body) Complete i..


Hohner Blues Harp

The most famous Richter Blues Harp Wood comb (body) for the Classic Blues tone 10 ho..


Hohner Cross Harp

10 hole, 20 reed deluxe harp Extra thick Brass reedplates 1.05mm Plastic Gold plated..


Hohner Marine Band

Original Blues Harmonica Traditional Pearwood comb(body) 10 holes ,20 reeds Bra..


Hohner Pro Harp

Hohner 10 hole ,20 reed harp Brass reedplate Plastic comb(body) Durable plastic b..


Hohner Silver Star

This is an Entry level Blues Harp for beginners and available in a variety of keys. Standard Blues ..


Hohner Special 20 Harp

10 hole ,20 reed blues harmonica Brass reedplates Plastic comb(body) Durable plas..


Lee Oskar Major Diatonic Harmonica

Features Stainless Steel Cover Plates Plastic comb eliminates swelling and shrinkage ..


Tombo band 21

The Tombo Band 21 Tremolo is the longer length Band series harmonica by Japanese manufacturer Tomb..



Element: Dynamic Polar Pattern: Omni-directional Frequency response: 100-6000 Hz S..


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