Tin Whistles

Tin Whistles

Chieftain Low D Tuneable Whistle

Alloy whistle in two parts with tuning slide. ..


Chieftain Low D Whistle V4

Alloy instrument with rounded mouthpiece. Superb clear sound. ..


Clarke Penny Whistle

The favourite music instrument of distinguished tinwhistle players ever since 1843, this Clar..


Feadog Irish Tin Whistle

Irish tin whistle, made in Ireland Available in Brass, Nickel or a range of colours inclu..


Generation Brass Tin Whistle

Brass made tin whistle with red plastic mouthpiece Available in the key of D and also the..


Generation Nickel Tin Whistle

Nickel made tin whistle with blue plastic mouthpiece Available in the key of D for Irish ..


Susato Kildare Tuneable High D Whistle

Black plastic Tuneable Key of D Small Bore Made in: USA Loud, clear t..


Susato Kildare Tuneable Low D Whistle

Black plastic Tuneable Key of Low D Large Bore Made in: USA Loud, cle..


Susato Tuneable High D Oriole Whistle

Susato oriole high d whistle - 2 piece adjustable whistle. a new low cost susato. great for be..


Tony Dixon One Piece Flute

One-piece low D tapered-bore flute The tapered bore gives these instrum..


Tony Dixon One Piece High D whistle

Soprano/high whistle with polymer body and ABS head. Key: D ..


Tony Dixon Traditional Tin Whistle

Fully tuneable high D. Gets back to the basics ABS tuneable head Available in Nickel..


Tony Dixon Tuneable Low D Whistle

Tuneable low D tapered-bore whistle ABS slide The tapered bore gives th..


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