Barnes & Mullins Banjo-lele

Open back banjo ukulele 6" diameter Maple neck with Rosewood fingerboard M..


G7th Newport Lightweight Ukulele Banjo Capo

With its light weight and low profile, the G7th Newport allows for fast, accurate capoi..


Gretsch G9470 Clarophone Banjo-Ukelele

Roots Collection Ukelele GCEA tuning with banjo resonator Maple body Antique Se..


Laka VU C 50

Concert acoustic Ukulele with Onboard Chromatic Tuner Solid Mahogany Top Mahogany Ba..


Laka VU S 50

Soprano Acoustic Ukulele with Onboard Chromatic Tuner Solid Mahogany Top Mahogany Ba..


Makai CK 55A Concert Ukulele

Concert ukulele Fitted with Aquila strings ..


Makai MK 10 Ukulele

Entry level ukulele Perfect for the beginner Comes with carrying bag ..


Makai MK 61 Soprano Ukulele

Soprano Ukulele White binding Fitted with Aquilla strings ..


Makai TK 55A Tenor Ukulele

Tenor Ukulele Larger body and longer neck thean standard soprano shape Mahogany body..


Martin OXK Ukulele

Martin X Series Soprano Koa Pattern HPL Body Stratabond Neck Complete in De Lu..


Shubb Lite L9 Ukulele Capo

Shubb capo designed for the ukulele Similar to the banjo capo but closes onto a smaller n..


Tanglewood TU-1 CE Electro Ukulele

Cutaway Soprano Electro Ukulele Mahogany top, back and sides Rosewood fingerboard ..


Tanglewood TU-1 Soprano Ukelele Sale
11% off
11% off

Tanglewood TU-1 Soprano Ukelele

GCEA tuning Soprano size Mahogany body with Rosewood fingerboard Rosewood bridg..


Tanglewood TU-3 Concert Ukulele

G C E A  Tuning Concert size Mahogany body with Rosewood fingerboard Rosew..


Vintage VUK 20N Ukulele

The ideal 'next step' for improvers or serious beginners and also provide ..


Fender Seaside Soprano Ukulele

When it's time to kick back and relax by the ocean, your Seaside Ukulele is always ready with insp..


Fender Venice Soprano Ukulele

Inspired by the entertaining sights and unique, carefree spirit of Venice, California, we created ..



SHAPE: BaritoneTOP: MahoganyBACK: MahoganySIDES: MahoganyNECK (MATERIAL): MahoganyFINGERBOARD: ..



SHAPE: SopranoTOP: MahoganyBACK: Mahogany, ArchedSIDES: MahoganyNECK (MATERIAL): ..


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