Folk Instrument Tutor

Folk Instrument Tutor

Anyone Can Play Harmonica

Master the heart-warming sounds of the country Harmonica with this comprehensive tutorial. St..


Banjo Picking Styles Bela Fleck

Get your hands on this classic 1984 tutorial and discover how Bela Fleck has since become arguably ..


Beginning Bluegrass Banjo Pete Wernick

This DVD lesson is perfect for those who want to play three-finger style bluegrass banjo - from scr..


Beginning Blues Harmonica Don Baker

Renowned blues Harmonica hero Don Baker teaches you how to play this versatile instrument from scra..


Billy Branch's Blues Harp

On this DVD, Chicago blues master Billy Branch provides an easy-to-follow, 24-step introducti..


Bluegrass Banjo Tunes & Techniques

A high-octane course in Scruggs-style banjo that will take your playing up to the next level ..


Bluegrass Mandolin By Sam Bush

Consummate Madolin player Sam Bush details the dominant Mandolin styles from pioneers like Bi..


Branching Out On Bluegrass Banjo 1

A compendium of hundreds of building blocks for creating licks, back-ups and solos to help yo..


Branching Out On Bluegrass Banjo 2

This 90-minute continuation of Wernick's 'road map to the banjo' will bring your playing to a..


Chicago Blues Harmonica

Billy Boy Arnold is one of the masters of the amplified Blues Harmonica, and his classic Chic..


Clawhammer Banjo 1 The Basics

Grab your five-string banjo and get ready to frail! Bob Carlin starts at ground zero and cove..


Dobro Techniques Jerry Douglas

One of the world's top Dobro stars gives you and insight into the secrets of his exceptional techni..


Essential Techniques For Mandolin Chris Thile

This DVD lesson will thrill and inspire mandolinists at all levels. Chris Thile shares his own succ..


Get Rolling Introduction To Bluegrass Banjo Pete Wernick

You can make good banjo music almost immediately with this DVD! With only two chords, Pete Wernick ..


Getting Started On 5 String Banjo David Hoult

With his easy-to-follow, good-humored manner, David Holt can get anyone started on 5-string Banjo. ..


Great Mandolin Lessons

The nine powerful lessons on this DVD represent Mandolin instruction at its very best. Each s..


Hot Licks Junior Wells Blues Harmonica

This video will give the true Blues Harp lover a lesson in the blues he or she will never forg..


How To Play The 5 String Banjo Pete Seeger

America's most beloved banjo picker teaches his playing techniques and more than a dozen songs. Fea..


Irish Bouzouki Learn To Play by Zan Mcleod

The bouzouki is a vital part of the instrumental line-up of many Irish session and performing bands..


Make Up Your Own Banjo Solos 1

Sooner or later every player must learn how to create his or her own solos in a jam session. ..


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