Kyser KG12B 12 String Quick Change Capo

 Professional guitarists tell us this is the only capo with the precision and power to c..


Kyser KG6B Quick-Change Acoustic Capo

Quick-release acoustic guitar Capo Available in a choice of colours ..


Kyser KGCB Classical Quick-Change Capo

Designed for the wider neck and flat fingerboards of the classical guitars, this capo also ha..


Kyser KGEB Electric Quick Change Capo

Engineered for the narrorer necks and lighter gauge strings of electric guitars, this model p..


Kyser Pro Am Capo

Adjustable screw tension system Rubber pads ensure no damage to guitar neck ..


Kyser Pro Am Classical Capo

Prefered by many professional and recreational guitarists, our Pro-Am is the lowest priced me..


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